Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fire Station - The ultimate boys' field trip!

So we met with a different homeschool group yesterday to attend a field trip at the fire station. First we met for a picnic and some playtime at the playground and then we proceeded to tour the fire station, complete with a round in the simulator trailer. My youngest wasn't entirely impressed but my 7 year old was absolutely loving it! The firefighters were very friendly and helpful, they talked to the kids about fire safety and when and when not to use 911; they showed them the different trucks and described the tools with them and answered questions. The children got a chance to hop onto the trucks and the ladder as well (when it was on the ground of course.) I was very pleased with the afternoon, my boys learned a lot and really enjoyed themselves. At the end each child received a goody back with stickers and information as well as the traditional plastic firefighter hat. Before we joined everyone for the field trip we made our weekly stop at the library where both boys picked out some books about firefighters and fire trucks, and when we got home my 7 year old suited up in his hat and the badge he was given and read the books they picked out. They really made an impression on him and that makes me smile!

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