Clean Eating

Okay so that is the new big trend, and yes I say trend because that is at least how all of these lifestyle changes start. Clean eating, no preservatives, no food dyes, no processed junk... It is really difficult! I don't think my family will ever be considered Paleo because we do love certain products and indulgences, mainly for me right now the Weight Watchers brand of products which help make following Weight Watchers easier! We are doing our best however to eat as clean as possible. Fast food has become a rarity in our household, we do not keep chips and cookies and crackers in our homes. We barely buy cereal anymore (aside from gluten free brands for our boys.) Yes we do still eat out, but we try to stay away from chain restaurants. We do buy convenience foods but we check the labels and limit it mostly to things like gluten free snacks for the boys and yogurt and healthier snack options for my husband and myself. It is not an easy change to make, by any means! While we still have a ways to go, I am pretty proud of where my family has gotten thus far. I have purchased a juicer, a dehydrator and plan to finally dust off that breadmaker that I have had for years and yet to use. When we move next year I want to have a decent size garden, and I am going to begin making a lot of our favorite treats from scratch (poptarts for the boys, cheese crackers, vanilla crackers... you name it!) So while some of you would still cringe at some of the things we eat, we are on our way and this is what my family is doing. I think any steps you take in the right direction make a difference. My own personal goal is to stop relying on the Weight Watchers products but for the time they do help me get through this weight-loss program so that's okay by me, it is not easy to make the decision and finally stick to a lifestyle change that leads you to lose a substantial amount of weight! I've lost over 30lbs already from my highest weight and still have at least another 40 to go before I am satisfied (I have a goal set and will see how much more I want to lose when I reach that one.) So, while we still have a way to go before we are eating nothing but real food, perhaps I'll inspire some of you to change the way you eat as well.

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