Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Our God is Awesome!

We just had our best camping trip ever and it was our first since my husband and I have really committed our lives to God. It was beautiful, peaceful, enlightening, and so relaxing. I am so full of God's love and joy lately that I just want to shout it out! Our lives were never terrible but we could use some work in certain areas and I am telling you; ever since we have been actively including God in every aspect of our lives, it has been amazing! We are a lot less stressed out about things, we spend so much more quality time together and far less mindlessly plugged into our electronics. Our relationships are thriving, and we are meeting some incredible people in our new hometown. We trust and love our Lord with all our being and He is taking good care of us. If you have not found Him yet, I am telling you now is the time. Our God is so good and we know that no matter what comes along we will rock it because He is by our side! I hope you also get to enjoy his amazing creation a good deal this summer because it is truly breathtaking and therapeutic! 

How can this not leave you feeling so peaceful!? 

Have a blessed week and if you are venturing out over the holiday weekend, be careful! 

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