I am a 34 year wife and mother to all boys. We homeschool our children and have recently decided to change our lifestyle to become healthier and raise healthier boys. I have lost approx 30lbs since the start of this year and my husband has gotten back into shape over the past couple months as well. We are aiming to be an active family and eliminating as much junk from our diets as possible. We are human so we do have occasional treats and indulgences but our daily diet includes a lot of fresh produce, yogurt and gluten free products. We have just shifted to the gluten free choice so I will have plenty to share with you as we continue to eliminate things from our lives and find new foods to enjoy. It has not been an easy transition, especially for our boys but they are coming around and embracing our new life. I will also share with you a lot about our homeschool days and accomplishments. We are concluding our second year with flying colors and I absolutely love doing it. I have a heart for God and am still growing in my faith, I do follow a Christian curriculum with my boys because I want them to know Christ from early on. Thank you for taking some time to read about our life.

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