Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Helping Hand

A facebook page that I follow shared this earlier this morning and because I can understand the urgency in her situation I am dedicating my daily blog post to this poor, sweet woman. I encourage you to share it on your blog and social media sites, and before you jump in with questions and judgment please think carefully about what you say and how this all makes sense. Sadly on the facebook post several ran their mouths, only making them look like fools. Let's just help her find the ONLY physical memories left of her husband.

$10,000 reward for stolen cell phone.

Begging whoever has it. (Fredericksburg)Someone took my phone. A Samsung Galaxy S3. It's white. It's only worth a few hundred bucks to you or anyone else. If you unlock the screen you will see my home screen.

In the picture stands a man. A man with a backpack and 2 other bags. That man you see, was my husband. And that night, it was the last time he ever held me. If you open the gallery you will see a collection of photos. Mostly of him. But some of his children as well. You will also see some of his funeral. Of his burial flag, his coffin.

See, that man you saw on the home screen. The one who looks so eager to head into a war zone to protect the country he loved and his family, he lost his life doing so. The only pictures I have of him are on that phone because my computer crashed after I transferred them.

Tonight, I cried uncontrollably in the arms of a friend because tonight I felt as though I lost my husband once more. I know with time my memory will fade. I will have difficulty explaining his features to his children. Or why I think they look like him. One who never had the honor of meeting his father.

I don't care about the phone. If you have it. Please just email me. I will respond and you will be able to send them to my email and you will never hear from me again. I only want the pictures nothing else. The reward money is 100%. If you can prove to me you have the phone and are willing to give it back. Proof required: My husbands Eye color hair color and shirt color in the skype photo of him. Along with the type of cover that was on the phone.

View her craigslist ad here

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