Friday, May 24, 2013

Right Place, Right Time

I am so excited y'all! So we took the boys into the city today for lunch, some shopping and the science museum. And here we are on our way out when it was closing and a magazine caught my attention (they have all kinds of magazines, newspapers and flyers for people to grab on the way out) and right next to the magazine was a little postcard announcing a Knufflebunny Musical at one of the colleges here, starting this weekend and every weekend for the next month! *Squeel* We LOVE Mo Willems and my boys adore the Knufflebunny stories, so naturally I grabbed a card and of course my youngest wanted to hold onto it right away ;) and once I got into the car I got on their website to check ticket prices and lucky us they were not ridiculous! I told him I was going to buy tickets so the whole way home (over an hour) he was asking if we were going to buy the tickets now? lol I did order them once I got home and have printed them already. I cannot wait to take them! I get really excited when there is any type of event like this for my children (I've also taken them to two Max & Ruby plays.) There just aren't always many events for young children.

If you have never read the Knufflebunny books (or any Mo Willems for that matter) I encourage you to pick some up! He's a great author! :)

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