Tuesday, May 14, 2013


So I recently decided to get rid of our microwave. I just can't justify the need for it when we all know it isn't exactly the safest cooking method for our food. We use it for popcorn and heating up leftovers. I have a popcorn popper (and a stove and pot) and leftovers taste much better when warmed in the oven! We also have a toaster oven which can be used to warm up smaller items. It took some convincing with my husband and it's definitely taking some getting used to (I am now realizing how much I did actually use it for re-heating things.) But I am happy with my decision.

Which kitchen appliance could you not live without? Which could you stand to lose? I'd love to hear from you! I've recently added to my kitchen collection with a juicer and a dehydrator but that goes along with simplifying our diets. No more frozen juice and no more bagged chips! I cannot wait for the farmer's market to open back up so I can get all kinds of yummy fruits & vegetables to use in them!

Be on the lookout over the next several weeks for some yummy recipes as I experiment with these appliances and as I begin making our own bread and snack items!

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