Wednesday, May 15, 2013

So What Wednesdays

I've stumbled upon this adorable blog and she invites her readers to join in on "So What Wednesdays." So, I am! :)

So what if we are skipping the library today because it's rainy and I want to be lazy and would kind of like to avoid running into someone.

So what if I just spent over $100 on the BabbaBox after reading Shannon's So What Wednesday post.

So what if the only workout I'm getting in lately is walking and my squat challenge, I've been working hard on this weightloss and have done pretty darn good so far!

So what if I've been really lazy with meals lately, at least we aren't eating too terribly.

So what if I am somewhat looking forward to my oldest taking off for a month this summer, I am only human and raising a teenager is not easy!

So what if I have pushed certain people out of my mind or life, some people are not worth the effort or the pain they cause.

So what if I smiled when I've been flirted with lately, I've been working hard to get healthy and the compliments were nice.

So what if the boys and I have had such a lazy week so far, we worked hard this past school year and all that is left is test prep and over a month before this school district is out for summer!

Would you like to join us? What are YOU saying SO WHAT to this week? :)

So What Wednesday

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