Thursday, May 9, 2013

Quiet Love ~ Blog Prompt

Another thing I enjoy when writing is responding to blog prompts, I have just found a new website that posts daily prompts so here goes my first one (I will not necessarily post them every day but I liked this one.)

What are some ways you can you tell someone you love them without saying it?

I like this question because that is the best way to "say" I love you, is with actions. Some of my favorite ways to do that are making a favorite meal, leaving love notes in my husband's lunchbox, hugs and kisses of course, taking my boys somewhere they enjoy, renting one of their favorite movies or video games, doing something with them that they really enjoy, snuggles, Eskimo kisses, a simple smile when needed.

Wow, so I actually timed myself for 60 seconds for this post and stopped when the timer went off; pretty good I'd say for 60 seconds, what do you think? I'm going to leave it as is and invite some of you to share your ideas with me, just leave a comment below. :)

Have a blessed weekend, tomorrow is Friday!

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